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Jumping Beans® is a new approach to distributed computing. With it, an application developer can build "jumping applications" that jump from machine to machine while executing. Jumping Beans® is:
  • a framework for quickly and easily building jumping applications,
  • an environment for securely executing jumping applications, and
  • a platform for deploying, managing, and securing jumping applications.
This has many benefits:
  • Zero Management. Instead of solving your software management problems, eliminate them.

    Whenever a user sends any kind of information to anybody else, the software needed to deal with that information is bundled with it. No software to install!

  • Security. The patented security in Jumping Beans® includes very advanced techniques to keep hackers from attacking your corporate systems.

  • Employee Integration. The Automatic Provisioning technology in Jumping Beans® means end users automatically get the tools they need, when they need it, where they need it.

    With the morphing technology in Jumping Beans®, an application is equally at home on a field employee's handheld or on an office employee's desktop or on a mainframe.

    Jumping Beans® moves the application from machine to machine in a very robust background process, so employees focus on the task at hand, not transferring data.

  • Disconnected Operation. Because the entire application jumps, after it has arrived it no longer needs a connection to execute. Employees do not worry about managing the transfer of the jumping applications because Jumping Beans® manages it in a very robust background process.

    Because the entire application jumps to where it is executed, field employees with intermittent or slow connections are fully productive, and not waiting on server responses, even when no connection is available.

    Finally, mobile employees do not need simultaneous connections to interact with each other.